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This organization was founded in 1990 to honour and safeguard the memory of Dawn Land.

The Dawn Land Foundation is a registered non-profit charity dedicated to improving the quality of life of children in and around Alberta and the world. Funding is not provided by the government, but is obtained from memberships, fundraising and charitable donations from the general public. Our focus is on providing aid to chronically and terminally ill children so that they can spend less time in hospital, but instead be at home, in comfort and with support of their family and friends. We aim to improve quality of life of children and their families.

Charitable Causes

This portion of our site is currently under development. Please check back soon.

In the Community

For more information on our events in the community, we invite you to check out our community updates.

Your Stories

If you have stories about how our Foundation has touched your life, we invite you to send them to us.

Dawn Land

Dawn is now an angel and during her short but eventful life, she touched the hearts of those she knew. Her carefree and compassionate attitude truly made a difference. And thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we continue to make a difference too. None of this would be possible without your kind hearts and generosity. To be a part of such an extraordinary and diverse community is truly a privilege.

The Dawn Land Foundation obtains funds through public donations and fundraisers. Our organization is 100% volunteer based. The foundation has a registered charity number and is governed by a board of directors; we are non-denominational. Our volunteers and supporters participate in an annual community walk, volunteer for casinos, as well as other special events. Anyone and everyone can make a difference, through annual membership, one time donation, or repeat charitable donations.

To apply for assistance from the Dawn Land Foundation, download our application form.