About Dawn Land

Volunteering and Membership

The Dawn Land Memorial Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors. Every one on the board is a volunteer. We are also looking for volunteers for our fundraisers. If you might be interested in participating and would like information on how you can make a difference, please email us.

Every effort is made to keep expenses to a minimum but there are direct costs associated with promoting the efforts of The Dawn Land Memorial Foundation. To help offset those expenses consider becoming a member of the foundation. Please note that our membership fees are not tax receiptable and are used primarily for operating expenses (an accounting of expenses can be viewed upon request).

Please consider a yearly contribution to maintain your membership. Be sure to include your email or return address so we can send you a note of appreciation.

  • $10.00     Individual Membership
  • $25.00     Family Membership
  • $100.00  Corporate/Business Membership

Membership fees are requested by cheque and can be mailed to:

The Dawn Land Foundation
17905 98A Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5T 3L3

To apply for assistance from the Dawn Land Foundation, download our application form.

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